1. Mountain Rentals Reviews

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    The Mountain Rentals Team
  2. Loveland, CO

    I love this place. They always provide great advice on what kind of gear I should buy. They take the time to figure out what kind of rider I am and what would be best suited for my style. They also have great customer service and support if I every need maintenance to my board. I don't go anywhere else.…Read More

    Samson Jagoras
  3. Fort Collins, CO

    Frank, the owner of Mountain Rentals, provides exceptional customer service. I took a K2 ski that had delaminated to Frank to see what he would recommend I do with it. I had not bought this ski from Frank, and it was uncertain whether the damage would be covered under warranty. Frank took pictures of the damaged ski, email the pictures to K2, called them up, and got them to cover this damage under…Read More

    David Kent
  4. Denver, CO

    Excellent place, great customer service,┬ádecent┬áprices. Frank is a really cool guy...…Read More

    Joyce Wheeler
  5. Boulder, CO

    I shopped many stores, all had a hard time with specific information on the many different brands of ski equipment available. Mountain Rentals, hands down, was the most knowledgeable. They beat the big box stores in every aspect including service and price! I'll continue to shop at Mountain Rentals. I for one really appreciate getting away from the big box mentality! Thanks Mountain Rentals!…Read More

    Albert Keller